A Guide Through Your Teens With Media

March 27, 2017 no comments Posted in Animation & Anime, Books & Comics, Film, Movies, Television

As I’m sure anyone who has gone through it can tell you, puberty is not fun. It’s a confusing transitional period. If you’ve never experienced the joys of puberty then you’re either too old or too young and this post likely won’t appeal to you. If you are on the cusp of puberty or suffering through it as we speak then this is for you. I intend to plot a course through this period in your life, year by year with the use of TV, Movies and Books all from my own experiences starting at the age of 13. That means that this isn’t a comprehensive list, nor do I claim to be an expert on this topic.


Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger Review

May 22, 2016 no comments Posted in Film, Television

Something finally goes right for our protagonists this week in Game of Thrones!

Another high-quality episode in season 6 this week. While this episode is technically focused on set-up again, it was fantastic! So, here’s my thoughts on Book of the Stranger.

spoilersAs usual, spoilers for all of Game of Thrones abound. Get outta here if you’re not caught up.

Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker Review

May 15, 2016 no comments Posted in Film, Television

After a crazy past two episodes, Game of Thrones slows down with Oathbreaker. But is this change of pace for the best? Or is it a grind?

We return to a slower, more political pace to the show in this episode, with more of a focus on character dynamics than we’ve gotten since season 4. Let’s break it down!

spoilers (more…)

Game of Thrones: Home Review

May 8, 2016 no comments Posted in Film, Television

After a strong start, can Game of Thrones land one of the show’s biggest moments yet?

Whoo! What a loaded episode. After last week’s primary set-up episode, this one was packed with revelations and deaths. Here we go!

For reasons which should be obvious to people who’ve seen the episode, I’m putting the Wall stuff at the end.


If you haven’t caught up with season 6 of Thrones, get outta here. Massive spoilers. (more…)

Doctor Who: Series 9 Retrospective Part 1: Flooding Daleks

January 22, 2016 no comments Posted in Film, Television

Doctor Who last year, frankly, wasn’t very good.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good things to be said about it – Capaldi was a fantastic choice to play a darker Doctor, Jenna Coleman got an actual character to play, and it had many entertaining episodes. Overall though, it was a bit of a mess, a show that couldn’t quite decide whether it wanted to be a show where the Doctor can talk a robot to suicide or a show that featured the Doctor swordfighting Robin Hood with a spoon.

I’m happy to say that series 9 not only is a return to form, but one of the most consistently Very Good seasons since the return of the show. But it does raise one problem:

The Problem with Reviewing Two-Parters

Series 9 used an interesting spin on the show’s formula by having two-thirds of the series be two-part episodes, with one three-parter and only one single-episode story. This works on a number of levels, as it gives more time for characters and concepts to develop effectively and it can create a more detailed story. However, it also means that it is difficult to decide whether to judge each episode individually or the story. If the second part is amazing, can I ignore a lacklustre setup? It’s a difficult question to answer, but I’ll be judging these story-by-story. It just seems like the best way to go about it.


Spoilers Strax warding off a spoiler-hunter.