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Kevin Smith


Kevin is the wild, eccentric, anime loving editor of Organised Nonsense. If he’s not watching anime he’s probably working on the blog, writing comics or getting given out to by the other writers. He has made Let’s Plays, Written Reviews, Discussions, Video Reviews and even sketches. He also is the host of the two podcasts, Organised Nonsense and Trash Talk.

Sean Reidy

Assistant Editor

Reidy oft spends his time consumed by one of his 3 loves in this world. Persona, JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure and the Nintendo NX. If he’s not doing one of those, he’s probably crying of the lack or release of one of them. He’s never not consumed by one of these loves or rambling on one of the two podcasts

Christian Broderick

Won’t see much outside of videogames with this guy, his hobby consumes him a bit too often though at least he looks like he enjoys himself. He plays many different genres of games but he seems to be glued to RPGs quite often. Writes and rambles both here and the podcast. Rest assured, his reviews are only of the “highest quality”

Caelum Forder

IT & Tech

The master of memes, the count of code and the technological backbone of Organised Nonsense all of this would be impossible without the subtle background work of Caelum. He also writes like everyone else preaching the gospel of the PC Master Race

Cathal Donovan O’ Neill


Cathal Donovan O’Neill is an amateur writer whose hobbies include being tired, Hamilton trivia and writing this blog. He usually enjoys writing about video games and television, but loves fantasy books as well. Cathal hasn’t won any awards, but would be very appreciative if you wanted to give him some.

Cormac Donovan O’ Neill

Cormac Donovan O’Neill, the younger sibling of the Donovan O’Neill dynasty, is the newest member of the Organised Nonsense team. In his spare time, he writes short-form fiction, reads fantasy, plays Yu-Gi-Oh!, and abuses Kevin about his taste in animated entertainment. The death threats have not yet begun, but they are coming, he is sure.