I don’t really like Star Wars…

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I…don’t like Star Wars…Now I’m fully aware that saying “I don’t like Star Wars“ is often akin to walking into a party and saying “I don’t like fun“ and I have gotten my fair share of abuse because of it.  It’s not that I don’t dislike people who like this franchise if I did I’d probably have very little friends. It is in this post that I intend to outline why it is I don’t harbor the deep love for the Star Wars franchise that most other people do. I’m going to leave out things like the fact that I’m personally not a huge Science-Fantasy fan and try to keep in mind the time it was released along with mainly focusing on the original trilogy. While the little plot holes that crop up every so often bother me to a degree they don’t detract from the whole experience that much. I’m referring to things like Luke’s sudden learning of the force and I guess the fact that Luke was in love with Leia who turns out to be his sister just rubs me the wrong way. My issues can be broken up into two main categories. The story structure and the combat.


If you’ve seen my post on Fairy Tail you’d know that I’m not a huge fan of the “Light vs Dark“ dichotomy. To reiterate, I don’t find it realistic to have a character that is wholly good or wholly bad and in a franchise like Star Wars with the premise itself being so outlandish it is important for it to have grounded characters. I have never met someone who has identified as evil. People don’t do that. They might think they are bad people but I struggle to believe that people would turn to “The Dark Side“. Even if they were corrupted, I find it hard to accept that they would just give over to the Dark Side so easily. People know drugs are bad but turn to them anyway for relief, people turn to the Dark Side because of they want the power, sometimes for themselves, sometimes to protect others. My point being that I don’t see why anyone would voluntarily join something called “The Dark Side”. Even the Sith refer to it as the dark side and even “Sith” sounds evil on its own. I know if I was a Jedi I would try my hardest not to succumb to and join the evil cult who dress in dark clothes, have dark red versions of the normally blue or green lightsabers and openly admit they are evil. I feel  “The Rouge Side” or something along those lines would have been better. Instead of people who turned evil, people who don’t care about the idea of using The Force for good and instead use it for their own gain. Fallen Knights if you will.


Another issue I have with Star Wars is the fights. The problem I have with them is weight. Lightsabers have a weird sense of weight that seems to change inconsistently yet is never right.

The blade never seems to have the heft of a metal sword nor does it seem to glide through the air like you would imagine with a sword made from light. Instead, lightsabers seem to act like balloons rather than actual swords. When the swords do clash it is often apparent that the actors are stopping the swords. The yellow effect that comes out when the beams collide doesn’t do much to help this. By the end of the original trilogy, the problem has been noticeably improved upon and the prequels improve on this with speeding up fights and adding in some inventive choreography

For something similar yet executed better I suggest you look to Sword of the Stranger

The sword swings fly left and right, colliding with sparks over and over yet you can still feel the weight of each collision. Adding a sense of weight to the lightsabers and swords is key to making a believable fight.

It is these small little things that all add up to create a product is not as ideal as I had anticipating going in.

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