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PizzaBot: Reheated is a two-dimensional fixed shooter game in which the player controls a laser cannon firing slice of Pizza and is the newest mobile game from teenaged developer Harry Moran. Reheated is the sequel to the original PizzaBot and PizzaBot: Seasonings. Reheated improves on the originals vastly adding in an abundance of new features, yet it still seems unable to crack down on some of the initial problems that plagues much of its ilk.

unnamed-2 Controls

The controls are probably the most notable thing about this game. The sentient slice that you control in the game has severely lacking speed. It takes 3 seconds for the avatar to move from one side of the screen to the other which can become a problem later on as the game gets harder.


The visuals of this game are not up to the ideal standard. The avatar you have is smaller than it should be which combined with its speeds makes the avatar feel uncommonly slow. The background, on the other hand, moves incredibly fast pulling you out of the game a bit. The background’s checkerboard pattern is also distracting at times. Finally, your life meter is on the opposite end of the screen meaning that your eyes have to travel all of the way to the very top to see it, in that time you are likely going to get shot.

unnamed-3Microtransactions and Mechanical Upgrades

Reheated offers the player a number of upgrades and toppings for their pizza. A random one is given to you automatically when you reach 100 coins or alternatively you can buy one of your choice for 99 cents. This is a system I take issue with as coins drops are rather infrequent, the only consistent way to get them is by watching an ad when you lose. These ads net significantly more than you will likely ever get while playing the game regularly.


I have ragged on the game for quite some time at this point but I think it should be noted that I did actually enjoy the game. I found myself picking it up and playing a quick game or two more that I expected. The game provides a fun romp through a variety of different levels and enemies with a medley of different power-ups and upgrades available for you to dig through. I did encounter one bug that broke the controls temporarily but I have been assured by the developer that updates while becoming in the near future.


In the end, PizzaBot: Reheated is very similar to an actual slice of reheated pizza. It is great once in a while, I would even argue better than the original, but in the end, it is no substitute for a real meal. PizzaBot: Reheated is now available on the iOS and Google Play stores for free.


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