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Here’s the deal, I’ve got a list of videos to share with you. Sometimes I’ll remember something tangentially related to said videos. So you’re getting those as well.

If you’re short on time, the best OK GO videos are at the bottom. Let us begin.

Here it Goes Again on Treadmills.

Aka, The Treadmill Dance.

Hey look, it’s a re-upload of a viral video from 2006.

Buncha dudes dancing about on treadmills. That scored them 1 million views in the first week. What’s not to love.

And in the past decade, these guys have kept it up. About 2 videos a year.

So, here they are to momentarily satiate your unending hunger for fresh curios and easily digested 4-10 min videos.

A Million Ways.

Aka, The Treadmill Dance sans the Treadmills.

Not gonna lie, I only watched this one because I’m writing this post.

This was posted before Treadmill Dance and was far less popular. Just goes to show: the internet loves a good gimmick.

Quick Tangent (ie “hey they’re dancing, here’s a dancing video”)

Here’s the Strawhatz. No, not them Kevin.

They’re a dance instead of pirate crew. Check ’em out doing a sponsored dance for Samsung.

Not a comparison. These are dancers dancing not musicians in a backyard.

Do What You Want

Aka, What to do with an excess of patterned cloth.

So, here starts the gimmicky road to internet popularity. I don’t have much to say about this one. Except that it reminds me…

Tangent Time (ie “Re-textured humans in a music video, where have I seen that before”)

Here’s what happens when you dress a bunch of dancers in mo-cap suits, let them go nuts and then add a few thousand man-hours of Rigging and VFX work.

That chocolatey person tho.


Aka, The trippy one

I really like their ethos of: Interesting core concept + Lots of little props and ideas.

And the “one take” nature of the videos really exemplifies the time and effort that goes into these things.

Behind the Scenes

This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine

Aka, The insanity begins

Here, the scale of their videos starts to grow. Built in part by the studio Syynlabs their rube goldberg machine is a thing to behold.

Behind the Scenes – Floor plan

White Knuckles.

Aka, That one what with the dogs n such.

No viral trend is complete without animals.

So doggos, lots of doggos. And outtakes, lots and lots of outtakes.

That’s the other thing about these guys, the amount of takes required for each of these videos must be mind numbing.

This is one of the few videos where they’ve posted an outtakes video alongside the behind the scenes.

Behind the Scenes – Outtakes


Aka, Converting a car into a musical instrument 101

This is just crazy. It’s that moment, immediately after the little music box thing on the front of the car is finished playing, that gets the best reaction from people you show this video to, especially if they play an instrument.

Behind the Scenes – Trailer

I Won’t Let You Down

Aka, the one in Japan

There’s an interactive widget on iwontletyoudown.com, so you too can make a super organised to the point that it’s almost creepy dance number.

Upside Down & Inside Out

Aka, #stopLaptopAbuse

Fun Fact: The zero-G scenes in the movie Apollo 13 were filmed in the same way as this music video. Although with the additional difficulty of being inside cramped set pieces.

Behind the Scenes

Hey Look, A Tangent (ie “zero g stuff is fascinating”)



An astronaut by the name of Don Pettit does these really mesmerising experiments with the  surface tension of water in zero gravity. One of the most captivating clips of these is at the 9:25 mark on this episode of SmarterEveryDay:

Also that walking water phenomenon has bothered me for at least a decade, I always thought it had something to do with detergent.

And Finally: The One Moment

Aka, Eat your heart out Slow Mo Guys

This is their most recent video. And don’t worry, those guitars are defects and were going to be destroyed anyway.

Behind the Scenes

It’s been a wild ride and I wait with bated breath to see what they come up with next.

They’ve certainly come along way since that dance number in the Trish Sie‘s backyard. Who is the director/choreographer for most of Ok Go’s music videos.

Here’s a playlist with all their “Official” music videos. They have a bunch more, involving: The Muppets, Perspective Illusions and of course Animated Toast. Enjoy and Goodnight.

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