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With Pokémon Go after just coming out and taking the world by storm and with the 2016 Pokémon World Championships right around the corner, now more than ever it’s important to put thought into the types of Pokemon you chose along with their Strengths, Weaknesses, and useful applications. This list is not an objective list of “The Top 10 Best Pokemon Types” these are just Types that I personally consider to be strong. You’re free to disagree in the comments below

10. Ghost

The ghost type is typically known for it’s Pokemon based in demons and obviously on ghosts. It’s not really used that much in battles because there isn’t a whole lot of them but when you take a closer look you’ll soon see that there are a lot of really cool Ghost-Type Pokemon. For example one of my favourites, Giratina is a ghost dragon. And is heavily rooted in the mythology of the basilisk. And in case you didn’t pick up on it, the distortion world is meant to be hell.

But back to the type at large. The ghost type has a wealth of unique and diverse Pokemon with tons of different subtypings and abilities. Their overall average base stats is 436.87. Which is nothing to sneeze at. They’re very valuable defensively as they are immune by Fighting Type attacks which are a very popular and widely used and Normal Type Attacks, which often are very strong physically. Offensively they tend not to attack directly, instead using more crafty approaches. For instance, they tend to inflict status effects, like confusion or burn. Opposing Dark types, most Ghost-type Pokémon are special attackers due to their typically high Special Attack.

9. Electric

The electric type is rather popular and that’s still if we’re excluding the regular Pikachu clone.They often have really cool and interesting designs that feel like they came straight out of a ninety’s anime. Look at Jolteon for example. They have a really nice mix of Pokemon.  Which is surprising when there is only 42 of them! They often have flashy designs which appeal to a lot of people. They’re pretty solid defensively with only weakness in the form of ground. And they resist electric, flying and steel type moves. Which is good because while steel isn’t really used that often for attacking, flying is mostly used for attacking and is rather common.

Thunder Wave is one of the safest ways to paralyse an opposing Pokemon and as of Pokemon Black & White, you can no longer paralyse an electric Pokemon which makes they great choices to as a sweeper (a Pokemon designed to take out lots of Pokemon fast). Electric Pokemon are also often really fast with a high special attack with makes them even better choices for sweepers, they also are super effective against Water and Flying types which are both rather common.

8. Psychic

Similar to Electric, Psychic types are often popular, especially in the first games, Red and Blue where Psychic types were arguably the best type in the game. Alakazam was amazing. He still stands and a really strong Psychic type. Psychic’s only weaknesses are Bug and Ghost. In Red and Blue the only ghost type Pokemon were kind of hard to get and were Poison-type as well so they were weak to it and there were no really strong bug types, so this meant that it was possible for you to just destroy most of your opponents team. It’s stayed pretty strong.

The defensive powers of Psychic types are generally not great. The only types they resist are Fighting and Psychic while being weaknesses to Ghost as well as the extremely common Dark and Bug. The biggest drawback of Psychic type attacking moves is that they do not affect Dark-type Pokémon, although this weakness can be removed with the Miracle Eye attack.

7. Fire

The fire type is popular with a lot of people because of its flashy designs and who can blame them? Some of them just look cool. Like Arcane, he’s a six-foot tall dog that shoots fire, now who wouldn’t want that? On the surface, they don’t seem that great defensively because they’re weak to Water, Fire, Ground and Rock which are all pretty common. But what most people seem to forget though is that you can’t burn them. Burn is a pesky thing to deal with because it deals damage each turn to you but it also halves your attack. As such many people use fire type Pokemon as physical attackers. A lot of them can also learn solar beam which  is great because it’s a powerful move that is strong against all of its weaknesses.

When it comes to attacking they’re pretty solid. They’re strong against Steel Pokemon which is nice because Steel-type Pokemon resists a lot of different types and can be hard to deal with and like I said before lots of them can learn solar beam. They also are usually pretty fast with high attack.

6. Steel

Introduced in Pokemon Gold & Silver, the Steel type is considered one of, if not the best defensive type. I like to play with Steel types because they often are what you’d consider “Tank” characters in other RPGs. The Steel type resists 10 out of the 18 possible Pokemon types. And they’re only weak to 3 types, Fire, Ground and Fighting. The only downside is that they are pretty common types for attacking. They usually have pretty high defence and they’re also immune to Poison-type attacks.

When it comes to attacking most of the time they are used against Fairy types because they’re pretty strong. There are only three types weak to the Steel type: Ice, Rock, and Fairy. Most Steel-type Pokémon have a second type which gives them more effective moves that could cover some of the weaknesses. Steel type Pokémon usually have good Attack and low Special Attack.

5. Fighting

The Fighting type has been a fan favourite since the start in Red and Blue with powerful Pokemon like Hitmonchan and Machamp. And ever since has had fan favourites like Lucario and Blaziken. They resist some common types like Dark and Rock but are weak to Flying, Psychic and Fairy. Fighting types that are also Dark or Steel types aren’t weak to Psychic but if they’re Dark, they’re now even weaker to Fairy.

When it comes to attacking, they’re one of the strongest and most common types. It’s strong against 5 different types which mean it’s strong against Rock and Steel which are usually really defensive and is the only type strong against Normal types. They’re nearly all physical attacker. Lucario being one of the notable exceptions. I usually suggest putting a Rock type move on your Fighting-type Pokemon to deal with those pesky Bug and Flying Pokemon. Finally, I suggest making your Fighting-types fast as they don’t really last that long in battle and are much more fun when fast.

4. Normal

The normal type is often overlooked by people as they often think that they’re plain and weak because Normal Type attacks aren’t super effective against any type. But when you actually look at the type they have a ton of variety and they’re often really strong. (Whitney’s Miltank anyone? When it comes to defense they often favour one of the stats, Defence, Special Defence, HP, over the others. For example, Miltank has a stronger defense than special defence. Fun fact, Miltank is the strongest non-legendary Normal type Pokemon when it comes to physical Defence. Unfortunately, since Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire there has been a lot more powerful fighting moves that more Pokemon can learn which mean you almost always need another Pokemon to cover for a Normal Type’s weaknesses.

When it comes to attacking they can often learn a bunch of different types of moves. And the normal moves they can learn are often super strong, like Hyper-Beam and Giga-Impact.

3. Water

Water type Pokemon are loved by so many people and that’s not for no reason. There is 120 Water-type Pokemon which makes up almost 17% of all Pokemon. In fact, all types have been paired up with Water at least once. Water-types are really good “All-Rounder” Pokemon that typically are good in multiple stats.

When it comes to defense Water-types are really solid. They typically have high defensive stats. They’re weak to Grass and Electric types but the good thing is that most Water-types can learn powerful Ice-type moves, which means that they don’t have to worry about Grass-types or even Dragon-types. They still do have a weakness to Electric which is harder to cover as only a couple Water-type Pokemon can learn Ground-type attacks.

When we look to attacking they’re also really solid. As said before they often can learn powerful Ice-type moves which nullify their Grass-type weakness and even Dragon too which is nice. They often work really well with Flying-type Pokemon as they cover a lot of their weakness and Flying covers Grass too. Although that means they’re both weak to Electric. Weaknesses to Water are also rather common and in the rain they’re attacks have 1.5x the strength. Although in sunlight they only have 0.5x the power and in the case of Extremely Harsh sunlight they won’t even work!

All-round if you have an empty slot in your party and you’re looking for something to fill it, then you can’t go far wrong with a Water-type Pokemon.

2. Fairy

The Fairy-type is the newest type of the franchise. On the surface, they were introduced to make sure the Dragon-type doesn’t get too out of hand and that the Poison-type wasn’t completely useless. They have some really good and strong Pokemon like Slyveon and a lot of Pokemon got their types changed so that they’re now Fairy-types!

Defensively the Fairy-type is one of the best types in the game, easily on par with the Steel-type. The Fairy-type resists Fighting, Dark and Bug-types which are all common attacking types. Most notably, though, it’s completely immune to Dragon-type attacks so the powerful Dragons that often rule the field now are shut-down fast. They also usually have really high Special Defense and there aren’t a whole lot of strong Special Steel or Poison-type moves.

Once we look over to their attacking potential they’re equally as good. Fairy-type attacks are strong against Dragon, Dark and Fighting-type Pokemon, which are all really common. Most teams will usually have at least one of these types. Unfortunately, no Fairy/Ground-type Pokemon exist and none of them can learn any Ground-type attacks which would be a really good way to counter it’s weaknesses. Fairy-type attacks are often pretty strong. Dazzling Gleam is a good move that can attack to Pokemon at once and is good for coverage on other Pokemon and Moonblast, the Fairy-type’s signature move has a 95 power which is nothing to sneeze at.

  1. Dragon







The Dragon-type is probably, the best Pokemon type overall. Lots of them are either Legendary Pokemon or are pseudo-legendary Pokemon, they’re that super-powerful Pokemon which are there in every generation (Dragonite, Salamence, Garchomp, etc.) When it comes to defense they’re pretty solid. They resist Grass, Fire, Ice and Electric which are the types of the traditional starter Pokémon including Pikachu. They are however weak to Ice, and since many of them are also either Flying or Ground-types as well they can often get taken out in one hit. They’re also weak to Fairy and Dragon-types but since Dragons typically to have high defences they can usually resist at least one attack from them.

When it comes to attacking they’re usually really strong. They often have really big attacking statsand since they have famously large move-pools they can use attacks from a variety of different types.

Only thing is that since Dragon-type attacks are only strong against Dragon-type Pokemon and the fact that not many non-Dragon-type Pokemon can learn Dragon-type attacks other trainers don’t often put them on their Pokemon.

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